• I have some translation project which is need to be translate into Thai. Do you service the project tasks?

Yes of couse we do. We are the professional company who have experienced and dealt with the big project before. The latest project was provided for Kantar Operations, the research and marketing company based in London. We have done the web localization for The business marketing agency based in Sydney , Australia as well. Thus, if you are looking for the professsional translators team who experienced in corporate or business field. Well, here we are.

  • Nowadays, I can use the Google translate easily for free...Why I still need to use your service?
Well, Google translate could make your life easier than before. However, in term of business communiations, you need something that you can rely on more than Google translate. Especially, when doing the business or working in a multilingual environment, the lack of a common language can cause all sorts of problems. Language barrier can lead to misunderstandings, unintended conflict and feelings of alienation among those involved. You might lose your business opportunity with potential customers as a result of misunderstandings.

  • For CV/ Resume Service, could you please tell me the difference between your company and others?
Well, to be honest with you. We won't be able to tell you that which company is the best and we won't claim that we are the best or whatever. Every company have their own ways to do the business. However, we would say that our company has been well known because of the word of mouth from the customers. They are introduce each others regarding to our services, as well as the feedback from the customers who share their successful stories to us. The customers have sent the feedback to us, by average, the majority of our clients have told us that after they sent the new CV and uploaded to the job site. There were 3-5 times more opportunities came up each day for arrange them to interviews. Even, the recent graduate students who never have any work experiences before. We can create the CV for them to let them look outstanding and shining among the other competitors. /em>
  • What should I write on my CV?
It's should be yourself ...simply is that. You have to take time, sit down and think positive about what did you do in the past, especially, your successful stories. Write it down on the paper ... when did it happened? what was your tasks at that time? and explain in details about how did you deal with it? Organize and put it into their modes for example, Educations, Work Experiences, Training Courses, Language Skills...etc. Don't write just only 2-3 sentences in there because you have 2 A4 papers to tell the potential employers ... write it effectively to catch their attentions, otherwise, they won't even lay the eyes on your CV.

  • How can I ensure that I will definitely get the job after I let Mythaitranslators create the Resume for me?
We never claim that you will definitely get the job because there are so many things get involve in order to get the job. You have to show the potential employers that you are the value assets for the company as well as yours attitude toward the organization are play and important part to lead you toward the position that you dream of. However, we are very confident in our professional services and our experienced staffs who will help you to create the excelllent Reseme and also assist you throughout the interview. Our CV/ Resume service could increase more opportunities for you to reach the interview process. However, the rest it's your tasks to prepare prepare and prepare.

  • What informations you need in order to create the CV?
Please send us your previous CV. If you never ever have any CV before ...please write down the useful informations about yourself in details, for example your education, your current job, work experiences, what year? what position? your language skills, TOEIC Score, what's your responsibility. Any certificate or relevant skills toward the job? What kind of job you would like to work? Please feel free to tell us with open mined. We need these informations to create the customize CV especially for you. Please do not send us any informations about your personal ID. We don't need the ID Card Number or passport number, so please don't send it to us then. You can send it as Microsoft Word, PDF or image files to our email info@mythaitranslators.com
Please contact us with your translation assignment details (volume, deadline for delivery) and get a free quote.

  • Do you translate the text book? However, I don't want whole book... just want to translate some chapter that related to the exam.
Please feel free to scan that particular chapter that you would like to translate to us. We will reply your email and send the further informations regarding to our services to you shortly.

  • Can I prepare the invitation letter by myself as I plan to visit my relatives abroad?
Of couse, you can. Noone can tell your own story better than yourself. Just let your relatives prepare the invitation letter for you based on a true story. Explain the relationship between you and your relatives. Do you have any special occasion to visit them? When you want to visit for how long? Who's the sponser for your trips? Where will you stay during your visit? Any hotel reservations or the actual address of your relatives? What's your current job as well as you should mention to your relatives' occupation as well.